Callaway Scorekeeper
The Callaway Scorekeeper takes all the error and burden out of the calculation of Callaway Handicaps.  
to produce final event results for a large tournament field, complete with tiebreaking for the many ties that
occur in Callaway events.
The only setup required is entry of your
Course Pars just once and specification
of the scoring options you wish to use.  
Then, all you do is enter player names
and scores on the illustrated scorecard
facsimile screen.  All the rest is done for
you very quickly and accurately using the
full set of Callaway System rules.

Instead of entering player names during
scoring, you have the option to prepare
a Preliminary Player List with program
assigned Player Numbers, the use of
which makes the scoring process even

After scores for a player are entered the
illustrated Score/Handicap Summary is
displayed.  If re-scoring is necessary all
you need to do is recall the player via
Player Name or Player Number.
If you wish you can modify the Callaway rules with respect to Holes Not Used.  The standard Callaway
rule is that Hole Numbers 17 and 18 are not used in the handicap calculation.  But, you can elect to use
either two Blind Holes of your choice or the Last 2 Holes Actually Played by each player in a shotgun event.

Final results are available within moments of the last score entry.  They may be viewed on the display
screen and/or printed.  The results include both Gross and Callaway Net standings with an option to
produce Net Results by Flight based on Gross Scores.  The Flights option is attractive if you wish to
award Net prizes based on the ability range of your players -- that is, have better players compete against
better players and lesser players compete against players of comparable ability.

The program also includes an option for conducting Skins Games in addition to the main competion.  
You may choose either or both of Gross and Net.  There's also an option for producing complete financial
results based on a fixed skin value or a value based on an entry fee and the number of participants.

The Callaway Scorekeeper is usable for events where the field consists of all Callaway players and
Individual Scoring is done.  Team scoring calculations, i.e. Best Ball calculations, are not supported.

The Callaway Handicap System has been great for golf's occasional players.  The Callaway Scorekeeper
makes it easier and better than ever for those who have to do the scoring.  You may view the complete
Help System for the program by clicking the "Book" icon on the left.  The Help System describes and
illustrates all the features of the program.

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Callaway Scorekeeper
Help System
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System that
describes and
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